I am a practitioner in the legal realm, navigating the intricate landscape of Intellectual property rights. Although I often describe myself as an advocate by profession, my passions extend beyond the courtroom. An avid reader, occasional Kathak enthusiast, and fitness aficionado, my journey in law commenced eight years ago in 2016.

After honing my skills alongside seasoned advocates, I ventured into partnership within a legal firm. Two years ago, fueled by the belief in my capabilities, I embarked on the journey of entrepreneurship, founding Satyaki Legal. Starting in the waning days of 2021, we swiftly evolved into a modest team of six, cultivating a diverse portfolio of start-ups and corporate clients.

Choosing IPR and the Joy of Creation:

Why intellectual property rights (IPR)? The allure lies in contributing to the progress of entities and individuals. Intellectual property, whether a brand, invention, or creative work, embodies the essence of creation. My joy stems from being part of the process-nurturing ideas, creating, and safeguarding the results. The dynamic nature of IPR keeps me engaged, and witnessing the limitless potential of the human mind is exhilarating.

Our Unique Approach to IPR Services:

Satyaki Legal specializes in IPR services, ranging from registration to strategic advice and protection. While the legal aspects may seem conventional, our approach is far from it. We tailor our services to meet the specific needs of clients, transcending conventional standards. Our strategies extend beyond legal frameworks, drawing from extensive experience in managing intellectual properties and understanding their impact on business operations and valuation.

Overcoming Career Challenges and Embracing Change:

In the words of SRK, “genius is about knowing when to stop.” The biggest challenge in my career was grappling with the question of “What next?” The solution? Embrace change, constantly raise the performance bar, pick up new tasks, and find joy in the balance between the familiar and the unknown.

Accelerating Growth and Future Plans:

Our current focus is on achieving stability and expanding our client base nationally and internationally. The strategies to achieve this are a work in progress-a blend of dedication, innovation, and perhaps a dash of trade secrets.

Leading a Holistic Life: Balancing Choices in a Fast-Paced World:

Holistic living, for me, involves choices. Choosing a healthier and happier life led to founding Satyaki Legal-a place where work is balanced with personal well-being. While not entirely achievable, the effort to balance needs daily attention and learning from mistakes.

Steadfastness in a Dynamic Business World:

In the fast-paced business world, focus on goals requires discipline. Define your plan, be sure of it, and execute it with unwavering determination. Ignore distractions, stay focused, and get the work done.

Recognitions and Future Aspirations

Satyaki Legal has been recognized as “Most Trustworthy Legal Consultants of India” by Global Hues, a commendable achievement for our 2-year-old firm. Collaborations with institutions like Amity Innovation Incubator,NGI-TBI, and IIML-EIC are equally rewarding.

Guiding Principles and Future Outlook:

My guiding principle is a Swedish proverb: “Those who wish to sing always find a song.” It reflects the power of determination and action. Looking ahead, the plan is simple-keep progressing, nurture a dedicated team, and create an environment conducive to growth for everyone.

Advice to Aspiring Entrepreneurs:

For those venturing into entrepreneurship, be prepared to challenge norms, accept financial uncertainty, and embrace the unconventional. Entrepreneurship demands selflessness and a commitment to the entity you establish. Stay informed, not just in your field, and network effectively; these are the common pursuits of entrepreneurship.

In the grand tapestry of advocacy and intellectual property, my journey continues, driven by a passion for creation, protection, and progress.

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