Arushi Gupta, the founder of Satyaki Legal, stands as an experienced legal counsel with a rich history of assisting and advising both national and international clients across various facets of intellectual property (IP). Specializing in the prosecution of applications for trademark, design, and copyright registration, Arushi’s expertise extends to providing comprehensive services in the media and entertainment sectors.

Arushi’s commitment to her clients is marked by her ability to deliver exceptional results within tight deadlines and commercial constraints, tailoring her approach uniquely to each client’s needs. Beyond her legal endeavors, she finds solace in writing about emerging IP and media law issues, showcasing a dedication to staying abreast of industry developments.

Having embarked on her legal career eight years ago, in 2016, Arushi Gupta has navigated a path of continuous growth. Starting by working with senior advocates, she eventually progressed to becoming a partner at a firm. Two years ago, fueled by her accumulated experience and expertise, she took the bold step of founding Satyaki Legal. From selecting the firm’s name to establishing the website and building a team, Arushi has transformed Satyaki Legal into a humble yet dynamic team of five with an established portfolio managing startups and corporations.

Arushi’s industry experience spans a wide array of sectors, from e-grocery companies to cafés, and from personal care brands to clothing line-ups. Her versatility shines through as she assists clients in strategizing their intellectual property in alignment with both legal requirements and business operations.

Below are highlights of the interview that reflect not just Arushi Gupta’s legal prowess but a deep understanding of the intricacies within different industries. Her commitment to providing tailored legal solutions and building a dynamic legal team positions Satyaki Legal as a reliable partner for startups and corporations navigating the complex landscape of intellectual property law.

Kindly talk about the exclusive products or services offered by the company, and how does it distinguish you from your competitors?

Our firm offers services specifically in the domain of IPR, as well as those revolving around it. We provide registration services, opinions on strategizing the use of intellectual property, and services related to the protection of intellectual property, like litigation, investigation, etc. We also render corporate advisory services and assist the corporations in negotiating and drafting the terms of the agreement.

So, the aim of the company is to take in hand the matters and strategy of the clients’ intellectual property right from its inception and operate it rightfully in a manner so as to monetize it in the most profitable form.

How does the company prioritize innovation and staying ahead of industry trends?

To begin with, we like to interact with business and industry experts. Second, I and my entire team keep ourselves updated by reading as well as by taking up small courses in various subject matters, not just law.

What is the one thing that is acting as your motivational tool? Can you discuss any challenges the company has faced and how you overcame them?

For me, my team is my motivational tool. Like everyone else, I too have my low days, when I don’t feel like working, so on days like those, it’s my team and their support that keeps me motivated.

The company, being really new in this gigantic industry, faces a lot of challenges, and we meet each of them in their own mannerisms. One of the biggest challenges we face is gaining the trust of new clients who may not know us. In that scenario, the expertise that we have comes in handy, and the edge of management skills I have gained over time while assisting clients in varied sectors comes in handy.

Could you please share your noted milestones and accomplishments throughout your journey so far, along with company highlights and achievements under your leadership?

It’s only been 2 years since we commenced operations at Satyaki Legal, so every client that we acquire and every lecture we deliver to start-ups, prospective clients, or students is an achievement for us. In these 2 years, we have assisted and are still assisting some renowned start-ups like Sneakare, The Big Chill Café, Ugees, ERESHA, Reportify, Zabella, and Mekki Supplies. We have collaborated and engaged ourselves with incubator cells like Amity Innovation Incubator and IIML-EIC.

What advice would you give to aspiring entrepreneurs looking to enter the same industry?

There is no shortcut to success, as we have been told, but then there is no end point or ultimate goal that we may term as success too, so each entrepreneur has to be in love with the work that they do and be passionate about it in order to survive. Never getting bogged down by hurdles in life and taking each incident with an all-embracing attitude and learning from it is my secret. Further, never have a time line to adhere to, especially as per the standards of society. We all have our own timelines as per our careers and aspirations. Be happy where you are and keep moving ahead.

What is your leadership philosophy, and how do you implement it within your company?

I believe in having a team, not juniors. In being a leader, not a boss. If you share the company’s work and success, keep your team abreast of the hurdles that it faces. Only when the team is aware of lows as well as the highs that the company faces will they be able to belong to the company and be closely related to it and its operations.

Can you speak to the company’s commitment to social responsibility and sustainability practices?

Well, to begin with, we have an inclusive approach. We do not scrutinize the students as per the law colleges and make an effort to include each of them in our internship program. Further, we offer virtual internships so that each student, irrespective of their geographical location, gets to work with us.

We also work in a paperless manner to make our little contribution to the environment.

Where do you see the company headed in the future, and what steps are you taking to ensure its continued growth and success?

The vision, of course, is to engage more team members and work with more people. In a year, the work and team growth have been as per my target, and that’s what we aim to maintain. The mission is to also ensure that the subject matter that is dear to our hearts, intellectual property, is given due importance in each of the business operations that take place within an entity

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